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Programs and Initiatives

The UMBTI is at the forefront of patient care and treatments and through its programs and initiatives, the UMBTI is leading the fight against brain cancer.

Our NEURO-ONCOLOGY team provides comprehensive care to brain tumor patients including management of chemotherapy and neurologic symptoms. In addition to caring for patients with primary and secondary tumors of the nervous system, our neuro-oncologists evaluate patients with neurologic symptoms from systemic cancer and cancer treatment.

At the SPINE TUMOR INTIATIVE, spine surgeons and oncologists manage the most complex spinal tumors at any stage of the disease. Whether it’s a patient with a newly diagnosed spinal tumor that needs a complete workup and treatment plan, or a patient who needs evaluation for potential surgery or radiation therapy, our team of specialists can offer the most technologically advanced interventions for treatment.

Through the leadership of Dr. Eric Peterson and Dr. Robert Starke, the UM CEREBROVASCULAR INITIATIVE is leading the nation in the treatment and research of neuro-vascular diseases and brain tumors, and in the education and training of fellows and residents who will be the next generation of physicians and scientists.

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