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UMBTI Research

Some of the most common forms of brain cancer are the most malignant. Today, physicians are often able to improve a patient’s life expectancy and their quality of life, but are not able to offer a cure. Since most brain tumors are genetically different, understanding the genetics and drug sensitivity of each individual brain tumor surgically removed from the patient is crucial to personalized therapy. Based on the information gleaned from these studies, combination treatments and clinical trials will be initiated to provide individualized treatment. This approach is innovative as it provides rapid analysis of a particular patient’s drug sensitivity, which will directly translate into therapeutic treatment plans and results.

Our UMBTI Research Laboratory is physically housed within The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis research center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. We collaborate with the Center for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) and Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, the premier research facility and resource for the development of new therapies at the University of Miami. Our team closely collaborates with medical school colleagues in areas of cancer neuroscience, genomics, pharmacology, physiology and neurology.

Translational Research

As a research facility committed to creating and integrating new knowledge, we offer our patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials of promising and novel drugs and therapies. Our comprehensive Brain Tumor Initiative offers each patient the opportunity to participate in our tissue bank and tumor registry. This program benefits both our current patients and future patients, by expanding our understanding of brain tumors, refining and finding new treatments, providing hope and increasing quality of life.

Clinical Trials

Our UMBTI guides and participates in clinical trials that translate innovative and cutting-edge therapies into active, open protocols accessible to patients. We are proud to offer neuro-oncologic clinical trials that center on immune-modulated tumor therapy via vaccine administration, radiation sensitizers, and surgical adjuncts.

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