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Tissue Banking

Tissue banking is an integral part of research. The UMBTI is dedicated to advance brain cancer research and this cannot be done without tissue specimens.

The University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center has a service called the Tissue Bank Core Facility (TBCF). In collaboration with the TBCF, we collect and store brain tissues, blood, body fluids and medical information from patients that have volunteered to donate their samples for research. All specimens are coded and stripped of medical identifiers to ensure patient anonymity. Collected samples can then be used by our team of researchers and by our collaborators.

If you would like to participate and donate your tumor tissue to research, please tell your nurse or physician during your appointment.

  • This is a voluntary effort. You do not have to participate and any decision not to participate will NOT affect your medical care. If you choose to participate today and change your mind later, you may cancel your participation by contacting the TBCF at *(305) 243-6777or by email: TBCF@med.miami.edu
  • If you do chose to contribute a sample to the bank, during the course of our medical treatment that you agreed upon with your doctor, your blood, body fluids, or tissue may be removed as needed for your medical care. After these samples are used for your diagnosis and routine medical clinical care, there may be leftover material that is not needed for your care. These samples are routinely disposed of. We ask your permission to store these unused samples together with your medical information
  • Your personal/medical information will NOT be on the samples. Samples will be stored without any personal information and labeled only with a code number

To make the collected samples more valuable for research we will collect relevant clinical information from your medical records. This may include your age, background, diagnosis, disease history, medical treatments and the response to those treatments. The information from your medical record will be linked to your sample only with a code. You will NOT be identifiable by this information.

To read about our processes and how we collaborate with the TBCF, please see the following research publication:

Banking Brain Tumor Specimens Using a University Core Facility.
Bregy A, Papadimitriou K, Faber DA, Shah AH, Gomez CR, Komotar RJ, Egea SC

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